Part-time? No, That Won't Work

about 15 hours ago

I had a phone call from a recruiter a few weeks ago seeking an update on whether I was in the market looking for a new role. She took a little time to understand more about my skills and spoke openly about some exciting roles she had available. When I told her that I would only be able to work part-time, she silently gasped, the excitement in her voice faded and she ended the phone call. Over...


Schneider Electric teams up with ROBOGALS: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Engineers today!

3 days ago

Inspiring and Creating Interest in STEM for Children  DCC Endorsed Employer for Women, Schneider Electric’s focus is on the future, not only in technology but also by investing in the next generation of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) professionals.  Inspiring curiosity and creating interest in STEM for children at an early age, especially young girls is crucial to combat...


What Happens When You Mentor Talented Women?

6 days ago

Imagine if Serena Williams hadn’t been mentored or didn’t have training drills? Would she have won 21 Grand Slams, 6 Australian Opens, 6 US Opens, 6 Wimbledon’s be one of, if not the, best female tennis player, ever? Imagine if Daisy Pearce, AFL Women star hadn’t turned up for training? Would she have been the AFL’s women’s inaugural No.1 draft pick in 2013,  Melbourne’s inaugural captain, be...


5 ways to recover from a redundancy

13 days ago

"No longer required" was all I remember hearing when a former employer announced I was being made redundant. I never thought it would happen to me - that somehow, I was immune. I went through a range of emotions – shame, fear, despair, anger, relief. But I kept reminding myself that as much as I wish I could, I had no control of the situation or its inevitable outcome. We can easily dwell on ...


Flexibility is Not a Dirty Word: DCC Jobs' CEO Gemma Lloyd

13 days ago

Flexible working is at the top of priority lists for many job seekers these days, with 38% of respondents in a recent survey rating it more important than pay. But flexible working is often viewed by others as signalling a lack of commitment to the job or with an expectation that pay rates should be lower. Gemma Lloyd (pictured above), co-founder of DCC Jobs, Australia's first, and only, job s...


Resume Speak

15 days ago

Many years ago I took a Business Writing Skills Course. Before the awesome advances in digital content, the company I was working for was writing 200 page tender documents for large corporates and it seemed our responses were filled with tired and boring language. We needed a writing coach to come and help us become engaging, succinct and sales focused. The course taught me a lot of great tech...


What’s Your Current Salary? How to Respond to an Outdated and Inappropriate Question

16 days ago

In August, the Male Champions of Change released their report on the gender pay gap. This report not only evidenced the extent of the divide but also included practical and direct advice on how to eradicate the gender pay gap. One of these recommendations was to stop asking candidates about their current salary. And yet, this question – what is your current salary - remains stubbornly ingrai...


Equal Pay Day 2017

17 days ago

Today is Equal Pay Day. Equal pay day is administered by Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) as a symbolic day to reflect the national pay gap, marking the additional time from the end of the previous financial year that women must work to earn the same as men. Australia’s current gender pay gap is 15.3% The calculations are based on using Average Weekly Earnings data released by the Aus...


3 Reasons Why Pyramids are a Myth for Women

18 days ago

I’m reading ‘Stop Fixing Women’ by Catherine Fox. One of the many quotes in the book that resonated with me is from James Sutherland, CEO, Cricket Australia. He says that the talent development pathway for women playing cricket is ‘a bit like the Eiffel Tower, and the men’s is like a pyramid.’ Fox says, ‘this sounds a lot like the pathway for women into senior management jobs in most organisat...


DCC Endorsed Employer Laing O’Rourke’s MD confirmed as a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador

21 days ago

Endorsed Employer for Women, Laing O’Rourke’s Australia Hub Managing Director Cathal O’Rourke has been confirmed as a WGEA Pay Equity Ambassador. The Workplace Gender Equality Agency (WGEA) is a Commonwealth Government agency created to promote and improve gender equality in Australian workplaces. Pay Equity Ambassadors are a network of business leaders committed to pay equity and gender equal...