About Us

Valeria Ignatieva, on the left. Gemma Lloyd on the right. DCC Jobs cofounders

After spending 10 years in the tech industry, I had experienced both the “boys’ club” work environments, as well as incredible organisations which valued all employees regardless of gender.

Throughout my career, when I applied for a new job, as much as I did my research, I had no idea whether it was with a company which supported women.  Frustrated with the status quo and passionate about helping other women who were experiencing similar challenges, the idea of a job site to solve this problem was born. 

The site would have strict rules around the kind of jobs it listed, with an emphasis on pay equity, flexible working, women in leadership and paid parental leave. Not only would we ask these questions, we would make that information publicly available to women, a first for job boards.

I called my good friend and previous work colleague Valeria Ignatieva, pictured on the left, to gather her thoughts on the idea. Being a single parent, and facing her own challenges, Valeria absolutely loved the concept. Together, we created DCC Jobs.

At a time when diversity in the workplace was becoming recognised as being both fair AND good for the bottom line, large corporations began contacting us to ask for advice on how they could make improvements to their own business.  Meanwhile, we were helping hundreds of women find the roles they deserved, working for companies that valued their contribution.

Then, something even more amazing happened. Businesses who did not meet our criteria at first, began changing their workplaces for the better in order to advertise with DCC. You can read one of our success stories here.

DCC is now a recognised Australian success story with a broad range of clients, including industry leaders from technology, banking, mining, construction and retail sectors. 50% of candidates who apply via DCC Jobs are shortlisted and 25% are offered the position.

Valeria and I have also become vocal commentators on gender issues and we appear regularly on television, radio and web platforms.

We couldn’t be more proud of the employers who work with us, and invite you to explore exactly why we’ve endorsed them on the Best Employers page.

A recent survey showed:


of candidates are shortlisted


of candidates are hired

So far we have accredited over 100 companies and new jobs are added daily.

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The most valued feature on our website for job seekers is the workplace initiatives grid, placed at the end of the page of each company profile. We ask employers questions you do not want to ask in an interview to help you choose a company that fits your needs in the workplace. The below table belongs to CommBank. Check out the rest of DCC's Endorsed Employers for Women here

Gemma Lloyd 
Cofounder, DCC Jobs

Workplace Initiative


Flexible work arrangements


Employer is a Pay Equity Ambassador*


Paid Parental Leave at full salary for primary carer (not including government-funded parental leave)

12 Weeks 

Paid Parental Leave at full salary for secondary carer

4 weeks with the ability to become the primary carer at any time within the first twelve months of the birth or placement of the baby to receive the remaining 8 weeks. 

Minimum tenure required to be eligible for Paid Parental Leave

12 Months

Continuation of superannuation payments whilst on paid Parental Leave



Continuation of superannuation payments whilst on unpaid Parental Leave


Programs for parents returning to work after Parental Leave


Opportunities to purchase leave


Employee Assistance Program (EAP) program


Breastfeeding rooms


Leadership development programs


Mentoring opportunities


Coaching programs


Targets to raise the number of women in leadership


Domestic and Family Violence policy


Internal Women's networking groups



Employee engagement scores year on year



Employee turnover rate?


Paid volunteer days

No set number of days – at manager discretion. The suggested number of days is 1-2.

*Over the last two years, we've consulted with industry experts, surveyed thousands of women, and reviewed hundreds of companies' policies. This data and feedback form the basis of the DCC Jobs criteria process, which comprises of 20 carefully selected questions. Each question is weighted to reflect the research findings. Read more about our research. ​​